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About Us

GSM is an American company, founded by US Army veteran Warren Davidson, with capabilities in the US and China. As a small business, GSM is focused on building world-class tooling for manufacturers. In 2005, James Jergens joined the company and has skillfully built the plastics capabilities.

Decades of Experience

  • Designing, building and sourcing plastic injection tools
  • Achieving optimal efficiency in production by designing and building world-class tooling
  • Maintaining repeatable Cpks for high-volume production environments with TPM
  • Managing and integrating complex tooling programs

World Class People

We have located, trained and retained some of the best talent in the industry to deliver world-class results. Their hands-on approach to business is based on the belief that a personal relationship is vital to a successful partnership. At GSM, each project is a unique partnership dedicated to developing, creating and maintaining the right tool at the right price.

Internally, we have three drivers:

  • Teambuilding - The work of building a stronger team is never accomplished. We need great performance at every level to achieve the kind of performance that our customers and co-workers expect.
  • Workflow - How we get things done matters. Following a recipe is expected. Making that recipe better (incrementally or dynamically) is expected, methodically. We innovate and improve, but we also follow proven processes with gated reviews for every project to make sure that our hard-earned reputation for excellence ships with every tool.
  • Communication - Communication is the foundation of teamwork. Expect timely, accurate and candid communication.

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Our Warranty

We build tools right the first time but if a problem should arise with the workmanship, we are committed to making it right.
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